What Does ToyotaCare Cover?

While we have a number of new Toyota models on our lot available for lease, we often recommend Toyota vehicles to many of our clients that are looking for something safe but also very versatile. Leasing a Toyota is a great option if you don't have a large initial down payment to put down and you get the added benefit of a vehicle that is brand new and requires very minimal maintenance.

In addition to a new Toyota vehicle, you are also eligible for the ToyotaCare program that is provided to you. This is something that covers your routine maintenance such as:

  • Oil changes
  • Fluid levels maintained
  • Tire rotations
  • Roadside assistance

This is available at no cost to you and you get to utilize it for the full two years of your lease agreement or for 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. Stop over at our El Paso, TX dealership to find out more about the vehicles we have available.

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