Toyota Corolla Includes Numerous Safety Features for Your Commute

One of the things we like to do at Fox Toyota of El Paso is help inform buyers when it comes to choosing the best new car. The new Toyota Corolla is a popular compact car packed with some safety features making certain to keep you protected on the road.

Take your new Toyota Corolla for a ride on the highway and set the cruise control and you are going to be safer than you thought. The Adaptive Cruise Control actually scans for a lead car and marks a buffer so that if the zone shrinks, your car automatically increases or reduces speed accordingly.

The Lane-Keeping System that comes equipped in the Toyota Corolla was designed to protect a driver from slipping out of the safety of their lane. If any drifting is occurring, the steering wheel starts vibrating until the driver takes corrective action and gets the car back in between the lane lines.



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