Introducing the Colorful Toyota C-HR

Drag and wind resistance are no match for the Toyota C-HR. This beloved subcompact SUV is specifically engineered with great performance in mind. The exterior has a unique shape that's aerodynamic and efficient.

When you take a look at the C-HR at Fox Toyota of El Paso, you'll immediately notice its sporty body. The exterior features sculpted lines and sweeping curves. The lines are very distinct. Not only do they look cool, but they can also enhance your performance by redirecting air as you drive. Thanks to the unique design, the SUV is able to slice through the air like a knife.

To improve performance even more, the SUV has a standard rear spoiler. It's a cantilevered spoiler that features strategic angles and cutouts. The spoiler is an extension of the roof. It continues beyond the roofline and stretches out above the angled rear liftgate. Overall, it helps to define the C-HR's shape and profile.



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