Tire Sidewalls Reveal Vital Information

Every tire sidewall is branded with a code that reveals the tire's size and valuable information regarding its dimensions, purpose, load capacity and its ability to withstand temperature and speed. The next time you visit the Toyota parts department at Fox Toyota of El Paso, one of our friendly technicians can help you decipher the markings on your tires.

A letter or letters identifies the type of vehicle, with "P" for passenger car, "LT" for light truck and "T" for temporary spare. Numbers following that letter indicate tire width measured in millimeters. The two digit number following refers to the tire's height. The letter "R" indicates radial construction, followed by two digits that reveal the tire's rim diameter in inches, from 16 to 28.

When getting a replacement tire, proper sizing is critical to your safety. Our parts specialists are happy to help you understand how to read tire sizing on the sidewall.

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