Can You Replace Your Car's Turn Signals at Home?

If you are an old school car enthusiast, you probably lament the fact that modern cars aren't exactly easy to repair in your typical home garage. It has become increasingly difficult just to change your own oil, but you may still be surprised to hear how hard it can be simply to install new turn signals in your headlights. It can take an expert mechanic and a sophisticated garage like the one at Fox Toyota of El Paso to replace burnt out turn signal bulbs in some new vehicles.

Your turn signals are their own individual bulbs generally housed in the main headlight case with your regular beams and your high beams. While it can be as simple as unscrewing the old bulbs and replacing them with new ones, it is gaining access to the headlight housing in the first place that is very difficult on some vehicles.

Avoid the headache and frustration of having to remove your entire front end or bumper by using our auto service department to replace your turn signals. This is a choice that will have you turning in the right direction.

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