Why is Your Tire Pressure Light Illuminated?

Although the car tire pressure can fluctuate, there are a couple things that might trigger the tire pressure indicator to become illuminated. Take the time to work this checklist each week and you will be safer on the roads.

The cold weather could play a big part in the tire pressure indicators becoming lit. In the morning when temperatures are the coldest, the pressure light may come on for a brief time. Give the tire tread a closer inspection. If it appears to be coming free of the rest of the tire, it could be defective and needs replacing before it does blowout and leave you stranded.

Look for bulges in the tire wall because it could be an indication of potential trouble. This is the weakest part of the tire and these issues need immediate attention, possibly even merit a tire replacement for your vehicle.

The crew at Fox Toyota of El Paso put this list together to help keep you and your passengers safe.