Get to Know Your Car's Gaskets

Gaskets are used to seal the place where two surfaces meet. They're typically made of rubber, steel or copper. They come in various shapes including rings. Gaskets must be able to hold a seal, even when they come into contact with chemicals and temperature extremes. The seals created by gaskets are crucial in helping your car's engine and other parts function properly.

When gaskets fail, you may notice a variety of problems. White smoke coming from the tailpipe is one common sign. Bubbling or foaming in the radiator is another. If your car overheats frequently, that can be another sign of gasket trouble. In general, following your manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance will help extend the life of your car's gaskets.

Using recommended oils and coolants can be particularly important. If you notice any of these symptoms of gasket trouble, stop in at Fox Toyota of El Paso to speak with our Toyota service team today.

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