Impressive Toyota RAV4 Performance Features

If you are still searching for a crossover SUV you may want to look a little closer at the Toyota RAV4 and the numerous performance features it offers drivers in the El Paso region.

The Toyota RAV4 makes it easier to navigate the roads with the paddle shifters. In an effort to help eliminate distracted driving, you'll never have to let go of the steering wheel to shift gears again. This feature gives the driver a more thrilling ride too as you have more control.

The new Toyota RAV4 has the dynamic torque control feature making certain to keep you and your passengers safer. It doesn't matter if you are off-road trying to find your favorite fishing hole or on the highway during inclement weather, this feature monitors and then distributes engine power from rear to front wheels in order to maximize traction.

Take the new Toyota RAV4 for a test drive when you come down to Fox Toyota of El Paso today!



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