2018 Toyota 4Runner Capability Features

The 2018 Toyota 4Runner is one of the most popular midsize SUVs on the market today. That is why we here at Fox Toyota of El Paso are so excited to tell you all about the popular model's incredible capability features.

The 4Runner multi-terrain setting allows you to adjust the vehicle depending on what type of terrain you encounter during your many adventures. The four settings allow you to adjust to any obstacle ranging from a flat surface to terribly rugged boulders and slopes. It also has an electronic rear locking differential. This means that if one of your tires were to come of the ground while you're off road, it won't needlessly spin and will instead only spin at the same rate as the tire which is in contact with the ground.

If you would like to test drive a new 2018 Toyota 4Runner to see these features and more, then stop on by Fox Toyota of El Paso today!



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