Why You Should Get Toyota Safety Connect

At our Toyota dealership, we care about helping our customers stay as safe as possible while driving. If you are interested in a new Toyota model, then we recommend that you get the available Toyota Safety Connect subscription service with it. Toyota Safety Connect provides 24/7 access to the company's response center which can provide emergency assistance whether you're in an accident or your car was stolen.

Automatic collision notification, a feature of Toyota Safety Connect, automatically alerts the response center when the airbags deploy or a severe rear-end collision is detected. A response center agent will try speaking with the occupants to see if local emergency services are needed. There is also an in-vehicle button you can push when you need emergency assistance. If you just need a jump start or another car repair, then press the SOS button for roadside assistance. You can even use SOS for a fuel delivery if your car ran out of fuel on the road.

Having the Toyota Safety Connect subscription service gives you greater peace of mind while you or your teenager is driving. It's not always easy to dial 911 on your phone if you have been in an accident which is why the in-vehicle emergency button and automatic collision notification are such valuable features.



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