Discover the Toyota 4Runner Heritage

With a spacious interior, along with its use as a family vehicle, off-road traveler, and athletic exterior, it is not a surprise that the Toyota 4Runner is one of the most popular mid-size SUVs out there. There are several things about this vehicle that could pique one's interest.

The Toyota 4Runner has three decades of history backing it up as a reliable and powerful vehicle that is great for any terrain. Those reliable features have now been upgraded. The tires are more muscular, the suspension is even more heavy duty than it was in prior years. 

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The Deluxe Interior of the Toyota 86

The Toyota 86 is a sports car that offers drivers a powerful driving experience. This car has smooth shifting and crisp handling. The Toyota 86 has a sleek exterior design, and the interior of the vehicle is designed for both comfort and convenience. The Toyota 86 offers a Granlux trim. This is a material that is similar to the feel of suede. 

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Toyota Prius Prime: Style Meets Efficiency

When you're looking for a plug-in hybrid that has a reputation for excellence, let Fox Toyota of El Paso show you the different options for a Toyota Prius Prime. With an estimated driving range of 640 miles and a lightweight chassis that lends itself to fast acceleration, you'll miss nothing while driving.

All aspects of the Prime are designed to be beautiful while still being fully functional and efficient. With quad-LED projector headlights and LED tail lights, you'll be able to see, and be seen, while still saving energy. 

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New Toyota C-HR Features You'll Love

The Toyota C-HR is one of the most advanced vehicles on the market for the subcompact SUV market. The C-HR received the highest marks for safety, including 10 air bags and multiple driver assistance tools that can be accessed through the center console. The C-HR also has blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, lane departure warnings, and pre-collision system. 

Toyota Safety Sense with Pre-Collision System and pedestrian alerts is the most advanced system for detecting traffic and preventing accidents. Toyota has made sure that both trims of the vehicle include these safety measures. 

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Technology and Style of the New Toyota Corolla

The 2018 Toyota Corolla is one of the top compact cars for today's drivers. The latest model comes standard with tons of entertainment and safety features, making it one of the most advanced as well. The fuel economic Corolla has always been one of the cars made for its value. First-time drivers, economy lovers, and daily commuters enjoy this car because of its convenience, sporty style, and miles per gallon. 

The tech inside of the Corolla gives you everything you need in terms of entertainment and safety. You can access Entune and use Siri Eyes Free to enable voice…

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Get the Toyota 86 Sports Car Experience

The Toyota 86 is a performance vehicle at home on the high-speed roads and the racetrack. The vehicle stability system helps control acceleration and handling. When you want to test your skills on the racetrack, the Toyota 86 has a Vehicle Stability Off mode that puts you in total control.

El Paso, TX drivers appreciate a vehicle that balances power, performance and fuel economy. The Boxer Four engine offers high performance with 205 HP and excellent mileage. With a sports car power plant, the Toyota GT or Black can get you through traffic and take advantage of open stretches of…

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In the New Toyota Highlander, Performance Rules

The new Toyota Highlander has been re-designed and re-engineered. While Toyota has always been at the top, the Highlander is ranked second in its class of midsize SUVs. This is mostly for fuel economy, smooth handling, safety, and power. However, at the base, you won't get a V6 engine. The base models are still spacious and comfortable, providing a smooth driving experience all around.

If you want to upgrade from the base, you can opt for the V6 engine that delivers 295-horsepower and better handling than many of the other SUVs on the market today. 

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What Safety Features Come With the New Toyota Camry?

Looking for your next midsize sedan and want the latest safety features? The Toyota Camry is the car you have been looking for! Below are two safety features that make the Camry one of the most popular in its class:

  • Blind Spot Monitor - The Toyota Camry comes with an available blind spot monitor that can detect when a vehicle is about to enter your blind spot and will alert the driver. This feature helps the driver avoid accidents that occur when vehicles are out of view in the driver's blind spot. 
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What Does ToyotaCare Cover?

While we have a number of new Toyota models on our lot available for lease, we often recommend Toyota vehicles to many of our clients that are looking for something safe but also very versatile. Leasing a Toyota is a great option if you don't have a large initial down payment to put down and you get the added benefit of a vehicle that is brand new and requires very minimal maintenance.

In addition to a new Toyota vehicle, you are also eligible for the ToyotaCare program that is provided to you. This is something that covers your routine…

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Why is Your Tire Pressure Light Illuminated?

Although the car tire pressure can fluctuate, there are a couple things that might trigger the tire pressure indicator to become illuminated. Take the time to work this checklist each week and you will be safer on the roads.

The cold weather could play a big part in the tire pressure indicators becoming lit. In the morning when temperatures are the coldest, the pressure light may come on for a brief time. Give the tire tread a closer inspection. If it appears to be coming free of the rest of the tire, it could be defective and needs replacing before…

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